Some Days, We Heal

I saw a dear friend the other day. One of those visits where there is so much to catch up on that you don’t even know where to start and you end up effervescently meandering from one thing to the next in a serendipitous dance. Among the many topics we explored was his journey leaving... Continue Reading →

Some Days, We Grow

Life would be so much simpler if everything were perfect and easy, right? Well, maybe. Is that what we want, though? Assuming for a moment that this were possible, is it desirable? And if we assume for a moment it is desirable, how do we think about growth?Often, I’ve found, we grow most when it... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I Find Athena

Last year, I was asked to write a letter to my younger self for our women’s employee resource group.  It wanted to be a poem…Sharing it here in case any of the messages resonate in this time of reflection and intention-setting. ***Finding Athena (a.k.a. Letter to My Younger Self) Little girl, don’t worry.Perfection’s an impossible... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I See the Silver Lining

Last week, I shared a year-end message with my team. And, as I speak to friends and colleagues near and far, I am realizing how universal the message is. Sharing it here with all of you as you take time to reflect and welcome the new year ahead. *** What a year…  Can you believe we’re at... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I Choose the G Word

I’m just going to be real with you.  The C word is scary.  Even with a lower-case c and a maybe, it forces a pause.  It puts things in perspective.  We spend so much time fretting about the future that we can forget it is not guaranteed.  I don’t mean for this to be grim... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I Ask For Help

When I was diagnosed with “suspected” thyroid cancer, it threw me for a loop…   I’d received my test results online ahead of my doctor’s visit and saw the words right there.  But, my doctor told me more testing was under way and we’d discuss at our visit once we had those results. I prepared... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I Prioritize Peace

I am big on prioritization and time management.  I use a combination of the two to ensure I have an optimally optimized week.  Every minute to its highest and best use.  Usually, this results in fast-paced days and much thought and analysis as to what should comprise them.  While some days can feel like it’s... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I Reimagine Normal

As we collectively reimagine normal, not just in the workplace but in our holistic lives, I took my team through a visualization exercise and have shared it a few times by request since.  Sharing the prompt and questions here in case they are helpful to you or your team.  It’s been fascinating and inspiring to... Continue Reading →

Some Days, I Find Sanctuary

We are doing some long overdue work on our house and, for a number of reasons, have decided to stay living here during the process. Despite many warnings against doing so. This means, many of the rooms that are most central to the functioning and enjoyment of our home are now construction zones. Messy, dirty,... Continue Reading →

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