Libby Stockstill

I’m a lifelong learner and leader with legal functional expertise and broad business experience. I like to build things, empower people and find creative solutions to complex challenges.

I’m also a dreamer and an artist. 

These worlds used to exist very separately for me.  I never knew they could live together in harmony.  I’ve learned, though, that it is in their integration that the true power lies. 

Here, all lives together.  The linear and the non-linear.  The practical and the mystical. 

I work at the intersection of leadership and empowerment, exploring and in service of the intentional pursuit of big dreams.

Some days, this means going for that big career move.  Trusting the calling.  Taking the leap.  Some days, this means creating a thriving business.  Making the pitch.  Closing the deal.  Some days, this means nurturing love.  Embracing a partner.  Raising a family.  Some days, this means comfortably and vibrantly living in our own skin.  Loving ourselves.  Owning our voice.  Some days, this means finding a way to integrate all the things we love in a way that honors, nourishes and celebrates all of them.  Finding a rhythm.  A melody.  Wholehearted flow.

I offer writing, speaking, coaching and consulting with expertise in authentic leadership, mindful living, integration, empowerment and partnership.

Curiosity calls: What is your Some Day?

*Any views I express on this site are my own and should not be taken to reflect the views of anyone else.*

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