Some Days, I’m Rose

Rose is a feeling. A whole mood. That energy when you are connected to your inner wisdom. Your older, more evolved self.

Very often, Rose exists far away from the space I inhabit. She and her actualized self are off doing more evolved things than wasting time fretting with me.

Rose isn’t worried about the presentation. She knows she’s got this. Rose doesn’t get distracted by the competition. She knows to focus on the value she brings. Rose isn’t defined by her status or accomplishment. Rose is Rose. She’s not really bothered by any of it. Just ever so calmly and confidently in her own skin.

Rose is authentic. She is strong enough to be vulnerable. Rose is resilient. She is met with challenge and always overcomes. Rose is calm. She is the eye of the storm.

Rose doesn’t rush. All in due time. Rose doesn’t compare. She savors what she has. Rose doesn’t worry. She trusts the journey.

And Rose has lived a journey. Her path has taken her near and far. Adventures beyond her wildest dreams, nestled in a great meadow of regular days. Ordinary moments layered into an extraordinary tapestry.

But, Rose lives in the moment. She’s not thinking of the past, nor striving for the future. She is here and now. Finding the same intrigue in her scone and tea as she did in the Great Wall she climbed years back.

Some Days, I’m Rose.

On those days, the noise quiets. The weight lifts. All but the essential falls away. On those days, I feel…

In bloom.

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