Some Days

Some Days are different than Somedays.

Somedays are dreamy but untethered. Unaccountable. I believe in dreamy but proactive. Intentional. You cannot simply amorphously wish and expect your dream to come true. You must embrace agency. You must create.

Some Days are specific. They may not yet possess every precise detail but, what is there, is tangible. Because you make it so.

Everybody has a Some Day. In fact, we may have many. They may come as just a glimpse – like a wispy cloud in the sky – or they may come in full big screen, high def. Some Day, I will make partner. Some Day, I will feel comfortable in my own skin. Some Day, I will write.

How do you pursue your Some Day while thriving in your today? And, if you do that, can you arrive at your Some Day through evolution? A merger of sorts? Boundaries between today and Some Day dissolved? I believe there is tremendous power in the integration. That you can grow from one while pursuing the other. And each helps shape your path.

Sometimes, you arrive at your Some Day only to find another off in the distance. Or maybe it’s not what you thought it would be at all.

The important thing is that we look. That we listen. That we take in the signs and the tools that surround us so that we are empowered to create Some Days.

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