Some Days, Everything Changes

There are seasons in life. And every season has a start and an end. Though, maybe not as much an end as a connection to a broader evolution. The leaves begin to fall in subtle glimmers of gold, ruby and amber, then you look a few weeks later and the knobby branches are bare. Wintering for the spring brilliance that is just ahead.

Some days, the shifts feel subtle. One more leaf gathers in the yard. One more shoot peeks out of the cold ground. Some days, though, everything changes. Or, so it seems. Shifts that make things markedly different than the way things had been, whether in big or small ways.

Today is a big shift for me.

I believe in callings and signs. I believe that, if you’re very quiet and pay attention, the universe speaks to you. I’ve been following that thread for some time. And, some days, it leads you away from people and places you love.

Relationships and experiences that are so beautiful and important are impermanent, even though the memories will always remain. Like the perfect blushing roses that June in Portland, captured in a photograph and in our hearts, long returned to the soil from which they sprang. 

The universe and everyone in it are constantly evolving. Relationships have many different phases.  The more they hold, the harder it can be to let go when it comes time to move from one phase to the next. 

There is much contradiction in times of great change. Filled with gratitude to have been a small part of the journeys of those with whom your path intersected for this time, while charged with excitement for what lies ahead. You long in your heart for things to stay the same, yet you know in your head that paths diverge and do not run parallel forever. And, still, you will celebrate all the ways you’ve learned and loved, stretched and grown while they did.

My heart is overcome with bittersweet emotions. And it’s breaking a little. But it is also so full. Because I recognize the beauty of what I’ve had. And, because change walks hand in hand with possibility. Like when you turn the Rubik’s Cube and the combinations shift. They will shift for you and they will shift for those around you too.

So, I invite you to view change through the lens of potentiality. Focus not on the leaves that have fallen. Instead, see the little green hints of the glorious bloom ahead. You are not losing something. You are gaining what is yet to be.

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