Some Days, I See the Silver Lining

Last week, I shared a year-end message with my team. And, as I speak to friends and colleagues near and far, I am realizing how universal the message is. Sharing it here with all of you as you take time to reflect and welcome the new year ahead.
What a year…  Can you believe we’re at year-end already?  I can’t!
I love this time of year because it inevitably prompts reflection. And there is much to reflect on… Think about all we have been through and how we have persevered. Personally, professionally – I believe it is all integrated. And we have done extraordinary things. There is so much to be proud of.
What I have learned and what I hope you have seen too is that, even when life throws us unexpected challenges, it is often (always?) also true that there is a silver lining to be found. However dim it might appear at first.  
I also believe that those silver linings are often shining guideposts along our path. They can light the way. The important thing is to move slowly and intentionally enough to see them. To take them in.
Wherever this year ahead should take us, honor the silver linings. Slow down enough to soak them in. Use them to guide you to what is true.
Love, gratitude and best wishes for a happy holiday and a wonderful new year, XO

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