Some Days, I Prioritize Peace

I am big on prioritization and time management.  I use a combination of the two to ensure I have an optimally optimized week.  Every minute to its highest and best use. 

Usually, this results in fast-paced days and much thought and analysis as to what should comprise them.  While some days can feel like it’s about how much I can pack in while maintaining some semblance of sanity, what I’ve realized is it’s equally important to ensure I’m prioritizing peace.  In fact, I have come to the conclusion that my peace is worth very much in the whole equation. 

By peace, I don’t necessarily mean stillness.  Though, that can be what’s called for sometimes.  For me, prioritizing peace is more about making decisions through the filter of what will bring me peace as opposed to filters like “should”s, other people’s expectations or  the “to do” list. 

For example, you know that invitation that sets your thoughts spinning?  “I feel like I should go.  But, if I go, I’ll need to do X and how will we manage Y?  Yada, yada, yada.”  Now, when I find myself beyond normal consideration and deep in a ruminating space, I try to notice and see it as a sign that I need to prioritize peace in that situation.  Maybe the “no”, however uncomfortable, is the right route.  The one that brings me peace. 

Peace does not always mean “no,” of course.  Peace is not synonymous with avoidance.  In fact, I find equal times that peace for me means saying “yes,” boldly and enthusiastically.  “Yes” to setting aside time or dropping what I’m doing to dive head-on into a juicy project.  Full focus, max intensity.  That feeling of flow and progress leaving me with an energetic calm.  “Yes” to present time with family or friends, soaking in the sweetness of the memories we’re making together.  “Yes” to me, whatever that may mean in that moment.

Peace can also look like a pause, whether it’s your inbox, your thoughts or a difficult situation.  Stepping away from the computer and going on a walk.  Calling a beloved friend.  Taking a deep, mindful breath.  Making a cup of tea.

In all, the shifts in what I actually do or accomplish in my week may be slight or nuanced.  It isn’t always a total transformation.  But, the energy and intention is so much different.  No longer about output.  About peace. 

And, of course, peace ultimately begets output.  We do our best work when we’re at peace at the center.  We are also primed to live our best lives.  To be curious and creative.  To be present and open to what is unfolding.  What would it look like for you to prioritize peace?

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