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Some Days, We Remember the Most Important Thing

“The most important thing is remembering the most important thing.” – Suzuki Roshi Earlier this year, I made a commitment to myself.  To remember the most important thing.  It’s remarkable how easy it is to forget… So many things vying for your attention and your time.  So many shoulds.  Even the legitimate ones.  So many… Continue Reading →

Some Days, We Have to See What’s Not There

What is vision, but a daydream?  We grow up and add structure, new words like “pillars” and various acronyms but, at its heart, is the dream.  Yet, we often talk about being a dreamer like it is a bad thing.  Unrealistic.  Unprofessional.  Untethered. I am a dreamer.  A daydream believer.  And, I have come to… Continue Reading →

Some Days, We Come Full Circle

London.  The city where I fell in love with retail (and my partner…).  The city where I became fascinated with corporate law and walking cities, paving the way for the life and career that lay ahead of me.  The city where, almost twenty years later, I just celebrated the opening of my company’s first international… Continue Reading →

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