Some Days

Coaching Understanding

Some Days are different than Somedays.

Somedays are dreamy but untethered. Unaccountable. I believe in dreamy but proactive. Intentional. You cannot simply amorphously wish and expect your dream to come true. You must embrace agency. You must create.

Some Days are specific. They may not yet possess every precise detail but, what is there, is tangible. Because you make it so.

Everybody has a Some Day. In fact, we may have many. They may come as just a glimpse – like a wispy cloud in the sky – or they may come in full big screen, high def. Some Day, I will make partner. Some Day, I will feel comfortable in my own skin. Some Day, I will write.

How do you pursue your Some Day while thriving in your today? And, if you do that, can you arrive at your Some Day through evolution? A merger of sorts? Boundaries between today and Some Day dissolved? I believe there is tremendous power in the integration. That you can grow from one while pursuing the other. And each helps shape your path.

Sometimes, you arrive at your Some Day only to find another off in the distance. Or maybe it’s not what you thought it would be at all.

The important thing is that we look. That we listen. That we take in the signs and the tools that surround us so that we are empowered to create Some Days.


I was called to coaching because I am passionate about helping to guide and empower people in the intentional pursuit of their dreams.  I see coaching as a journey.  One that involves and rewards reflection and vulnerability.  One that can bring you closer to your truth.  I work with people who want to live life authentically and fully.  In complete integrity with their values, passions and priorities.  To be brave enough to dream.  And who are ready and committed to making an investment in themselves and in their future.  This will be a thought-provoking and creative process that I hope will inspire you on your path to those things.  

A few words about my style of coaching.  I believe there is great power in pure coaching.  By that, I mean guiding clients to their own inner wisdom and empowerment.  Creating the right environment and asking the right questions to help them explore what is true and right for them as opposed to providing advice.  

Based on my own personal and professional experiences, some clients also appreciate the work I can do in an advisory capacity as well as the experiences and reflections I can share.  So, I offer a blend.  

I like to let the client and the client’s circumstances guide the make-up of that blend but I do think the blend is important and that the coaching is the more powerful part.  Therefore, I ask for my clients’ openness to exploring that part which may feel new and possibly uncomfortable for them.  In return, I am very open to what feels the most helpful to my clients and to feedback.  I want this relationship to be valuable for you.  I see this work as an ongoing collaboration that will involve calibration and evolution.

Because coaching is a special relationship and this will be quite different than your typical meetings or conversations, I want to set out a few additional items for our shared understanding.  

  • What is shared here stays here but what is learned here leaves here.  Confidentiality and trust are an important part of the coaching relationship.  
  • We meet here as vulnerable humans.  I invite you to leave all other titles and identities outside of the space we create together.  In their place, please bring an open mind and know that emotions are welcome.  
  • We’ll be tapping into your inner life and making connections with your deeper self.  This may involve hard questions and tough conversations.  I want you to feel safe and supported as we explore these connections together.  If anything we’re reflecting on or discussing triggers difficult issues or is otherwise someplace you don’t wish to explore, please listen to your intuition and your needs and let me know.  
  • Coaching will feel different than your regular conversations.  I’m here as a guide to aid you in your own inner exploration and empowerment.  I’m going to ask you questions and ask you to look inward and give you space and quiet as you do.  I may also jump in and pause or redirect you at times to try to get the most out of our time.  Sometimes, I may bring in tools or frames that I think could be helpful.
  • How we meet is up to you and can evolve with time.  Some clients find it powerful to meet on camera.  Some prefer to be off camera for some or all of the time.  Please let me know your preferences and keep an open dialogue.
  • Coaching time is sacred time.  To get the most out of it, please arrive on time, be present and join from a space that affords this.
  • In order to enhance the coaching relationship, it is important that you communicate honestly and be open to feedback and assistance, trusting it comes from a constructive and supportive place.
  • While many clients see change right away, significant change takes time and work.  For you to get the most out of it, it is important that you make the space and the commitment to this work – our sessions and your work in between.  Open yourself to the process, recognizing it will take time (often many months) to develop and progress through objectives, challenges and successes.  Also, embrace imperfectionism and give yourself grace.  Your focus may waver and that’s okay.  It’s enough to notice and we’ll work on coming back to your intention together.  
  • I encourage clients to designate or invest in a journal and pen that feel inspiring for this work and to bring them with you to each session.  If it speaks to you, make a date with yourself.  Find a lovely bookstore, stationary store or something else that feels special.  These can mark the beginning of your relationship with this exploration and you may find it powerful to return to that energy over time.
  • In advance of our sessions, I will reach out about what is coming up for you that week.  I may also send you inspiration or insights that come to me between sessions.  If anything feels especially resonant or there’s anything else you’d like to focus on, we can be sure to address in our session.  However, there is no pressure to do so or decide ahead of time.  It’s always great to come as you are, be present and see what comes up.  
  • We’ll check in at the start of each session and I like to try to leave the last 10 minutes or so for reflecting, journaling, planning and intention-setting.  In our busy lives it’s too easy to be on to the next thing and never take the time to steep in what we’re unlocking.  I encourage you to schedule some time between our sessions and whatever comes next for this as well.  
  • As you will see in our work together, coaching and the empowerment it unlocks has a lot to do with agency.  You alone are responsible for creating and implementing your well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of or resulting from our relationship and interactions.  As such, you agree that I am not and will not be liable or responsible for any actions or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of our relationship and any services I provide.  
  • It is important to note that coaching is one powerful tool in the toolkit.  It is a beautiful complement to, and not a substitution for, mentorship, sponsorship, therapy, counseling, legal, medical, spiritual, financial, business, or other advice.  I encourage you to explore all of these areas and more and may recommend one of these tools may be better suited to certain situations.  Any decisions you make in these areas are your choice and responsibility, as is seeking professional advice in these areas.
  • There are no guarantees, representations or warranties in our relationship.  There is, however, possibility and abundance if you are open to it.
  • To the extent that there is or may in the future be professional crossover between us and/or our respective companies or employers outside of this Some Days relationship, this Some Days relationship will have no bearing on any other such professional relationship.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I may be required to disclose our Some Days relationship (within the bounds of our confidentiality agreement) and/or recuse myself from related decision-making.
  • Proceeding with this relationship confirms our shared understanding and your agreement to these terms.

I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

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